Let’s talk about motivation

In my experience, in order for me to achieve something, I need to be motivated. Motivation is my WHY. It’s why I do something. It’s the reason behind my goal. It is the reason I act a certain way or the cause behind repeating certain behaviors and actions. Motivation can be high the entire time someone is reaching for a goal or it can wane and get people stuck. But when people hit a slump, it doesn’t mean it’s the end of the road. We just need to get up and get motivated again.

Sometimes it’s hard to get started or hard to continue when we are reaching for a goal. It can often be hard to reach the finish line. But no matter what stage we’re at, we need the motivation to complete it. Motivation is important for a variety of reasons.

Motivation is what gets things started. Without it, anything we choose to do takes more effort and will end up being less successful.

Motivation fuels us to continue. It keeps us going. We have to nurture our motivation, sometimes reevaluating what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. But as long as we keep our motivation strong, we will succeed.

Motivation can keep us going when things get difficult, expensive or complications occur.

Motivation can change. Our reason for accomplishing our goal might change as we go along. Maybe we started out with one reason but it changes halfway through or even again at the end.

Motivation keeps us persistent. When we have a long way to go we can get tired, burnt out or disappointed along the way. But by having a strong motivating factor we can keep going and know it will be worth it in the end.

Motivation can be many different things to different people. Having more money is motivation. Improving your health is excellent motivation. Improving your lifestyle for your family or even starting or expanding your business can both be great motivational factors. No matter what your motivating factor is it’s important to remember to keep your momentum and motivation high and fresh.

To stay motivated, keep a list of your daily tasks and cross them off as you finish them. Having a visual reminder of your productivity feels good. It also helps you see you are making progress and that will motivate you to keep going.

Have you lost your motivation? Take a break. Sometimes losing your motivation, getting depressed and wrung out is a matter of being overworked. Taking regular breaks can keep you going longer. Clearing your head and getting away from your work can get you motivated to return to your goal.

Accept that you are going to make mistakes and learn from them. Having things go wrong is enough to make you lose your motivation. It’s fine to feel bad for a very short time. But quickly accept it and then figure out what went wrong.

Move forward. Think about the benefits you’ll get when you accomplish what you set out to. Don’t think about how hard it is going to be. Instead, focus on how good you will feel when you’re done. Thinking about the benefits of something energizes you and keeps you motivated to continue.

Get rid of negative thoughts. It’s hard to be motivated when you are constantly telling yourself you can’t do something, or you’re not good enough or even that it’s too hard. Replace them with positive thoughts. The positive reinforcement helps you realize you can do something.