Give Yourself Permission To Enjoy Your Physicality

Why is it that so many people view physical activity as a chore, and something they dread doing? You can be sure that this is the main reason that people avoid exercise as the CDC reports only 25% of people in the US participate in regular physical activity. Maybe this is because the other 75% imagine regular physical activity as miserable hours of blood, sweat, and tears. The “no pain, no gain” saying has done some harm in achieving a positive perception of exercise and made it into something that should be painful and of course, this makes many people avoid it.

The truth is…
– You don’t have to run a marathon to be fit.
– You don’t have to have 25” arms to be healthy.
– You don’t have to lift 100 pounds in order to consider it a workout.
– You don’t have to spend 4 hours at the gym every day to be physically active.
– You don’t have to run for 10 miles a day to be fit.
– You don’t have to kill yourself to be physically active.
You only have to move!
… You only have to be physically active and get off the couch or from behind that desk!

Sitting disease and sedentary lifestyles are killing people! Seriously, this is a fact! There are many many ways to get moving, where “no pain, no gain” is NOT required!

Let’s bust the perception that exercise is misery! The key is to find activities you enjoy, so you will be motivated to do so on a regular basis.