Don’t drop the ball

In today”s world, most people use being busy as an excuse for anything and everything. Yes, I get it – we are all busy. However, people’s lives are interconnected – somehow. If I come to you for something and that something requires an action on your end – your action – affects my life – and the life of people around me. I understand that our priorities are different. What you think may not be SO important can mean so much to another. Maybe you think, my need is not that urgent and you decide to bump me down your list – that one action affects me – and even if you don’t want it to – it will affect you too! Why? … because I will bug the hell out of you until it get’s done. If the action required takes time – I will understand – I will wait. But please be considerate. Put yourself in my situation and think about what would be acceptable to you.

Never think that it is alright to promise something that you were not intending to follow through – just because you want to end the conversation already. Please don’t wait to be called out on your action of “dropping the ball”. That will just be embarrasing – not only for you but for me too. Believe me – you wouldn’t want to waste your time on that ONE SILLY CHOICE of dropping the ball. If the action required doesn’t cost you your life – then just do it. Even if you do not feel like it. We are all adults and often times we all do things even if we don’t like to do it – because we just have to – maybe because it’s our job to do it. If you do it though – don’t do it half-assed. Make sure you do it RIGHT the first time so you do not have to deal with it again. Cross all your T’s and dot all your I’s. If you tackle it carelessly just to get me out of your hair – then expect to be annoyed – BIG TIME.

If there’s anything you need to remember, it’s these:

If it’s part of your job, do it!
If it won’t kill you – do it!
If you do not like doing – FIND ANOTHER JOB.
If you do not want to deal with it again, DO it RIGHT the first time.
If you do not understand what needs to be done – ASK!
If you make a mistake – correct it and learn to apologize.
Think about how your action can affect yourself and others … How will your “procrastination and carelessness” affect everyone involved?