Why you should not skip a workout

While you can think of a hundred reasons why you should skip your workout, have you ever thought about the reasons why you should not skip? Before we get to those reasons, ask yourself these questions:

Why Do I Want to Skip Working Out?

Is there something going on in your life that is causing you to not workout? Are you mentally or physically stressed in some way? Actually pushing through it and exercising can make you feel better.

How Will I Feel If I Don’t?

If you skip your workout, most likely you are going to feel guilty about it and mad at yourself. Do you really need that extra pressure? The mental consequences will be far less if you just go ahead and do it.

Is There An Alternative?

If you don’t feel like doing your normal full-blown workout, is there something you could do instead? For example, if you don’t feel like running, how about walking for 30 minutes instead? Anything you do is better than doing nothing at all!

6 Key Reasons to Not Skip Working Out

  1. Repetitiveness Forms Habits – If you want work-outs to become part of your healthy lifestyle, you have to work out on a consistent basis for it to become a habit. Skipping a workout can undo what took months to create.
  2. Makes You Feel Good – When you work out, endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine are all released into your system. These three naturally occurring chemicals elevate your mood and decrease stress.
  3. Improve Your Physical Stature – Working out tones your body, builds muscle, and helps you lose weight. This leads to having better posture, your clothes fitting better, and generally having a better image of yourself.
  4. Provides Long Term Effects – Working out increases circulation, builds strength, endurance, and flexibility. All of these things can help you have a better quality of life in the future.
  5. More Quality Sleep – Working out makes you tired physically, resulting in more restful sleep more often.
  6. Time for Yourself – Sometimes we give so much of ourselves that it seems there isn’t any “me” time in a day. Exercising gives you that time away from everything where you can concentrate on yourself.

The next time you consider not working out unless you are really sick, think about all the good reasons why you should put on your workout shoes and do your workout. Once working out becomes part of your healthy lifestyle, you will look forward to each exercise session as a way to build a better you.