What is the BEST workout and DIET?

What is the BEST workout to help someone lose weight?What is the BEST diet to help someone lose some inches?

These are a couple of questions that people ask all the time.My answer is …. there is NO BEST workout or diet. Everyone has their own preference of ways to move and exercise and everyone has their own preference in foods that they like to eat. What matters the most is this … which workout or exercise are you willing to do CONSISTENTLY? What foods are you willing to eat/not eat CONSISTENTLY?CONSISTENCY is the key.

You can try all the workouts (specially trendy ones) out there … but if you are only going to do it once, or twice – it really is not a WIN. Same goes for diets – you can try PALEO, KETO, LOW CARB … but if it makes you want to cheat after one or two days – that’s no bueno. Find something that you like that you can stick with – then you can see results.