Start making positive changes to your health and fitness

How long does it take to make a positive change in your life? How long does it take to improve your health and well-being? The answer is that it really only takes moments to change your health for the better. It only takes as long as you need to make the decision to take the first step toward better health.

One of the things that makes change so difficult isn’t the desire or decision to get healthy, it’s the planning and overwhelm that often comes next. Once you make the decision to improve your fitness, then what? What are the next steps? When do you know you’ve achieved success and how do you measure it? This is the power of a 21-day “Health Re-boot” challenge. This 21-day challenge gives you an idea for a day-by-day plan. You can choose to follow the plan, take the steps that are put in place, and at the end of the challenge, you will be able to measure your results. Most experts tell us that it takes 14-21 days to create a habit. All you have to do is take it one day at a time. You can do it!

Today is the day you start making positive changes to your health and fitness.To start off … here’s a question for you … what is one unhealthy habit that you have that you wish you can change?