It’s not so hard to have a Positive Attitude

In our everyday life, we often catch ourselves with both negative and positive thoughts. It is so easy to point out the things that are not going well and just let negativity take over. But, when negativity becomes a habit, it can have some unpleasant effects on you. When that happens, it’s probably a good time to make an attitude adjustment and adopt a positive mindset.

Listed below are a few suggestions on how to cultivate a more positive attitude:

  1. QUIT complaining. Complaining is a very negative response to any situation. It drains you of energy and it just makes you UGLY! Tell me, do you want to be ugly? I don’t think so. If you catch yourself complaining – STOP.
  2. Express gratitude every day – even for small things. There is always something to be grateful for. Even if you complain about dirty dishes all the time – it just means – you are eating something (hence the dirty dishes) – so quit complaining and instead be grateful that you are able to eat something. If you get into this habit, eventually you will become grateful for everything.
  3. Keep a list of things you have accomplished. Sometimes, you do not realize how much you have accomplished until you list them down.
  4. Let go of the people around you who are negative, critical, and abusive of you. They drain your energy. Instead, surround yourself with supportive, positive people.
  5. Let go of envy. Envy is a very negative emotion. It eats at you, pointing to the faults we see in ourselves.
  6. Choose to be happy. Happiness is a choice. When a negative thought enters your mind, push it out quickly. Substitute a happy thought.
  7. Be kind and smile at others.
  8. Have faith in yourself. Believe the Universe will help you.

Cultivating a positive outlook takes conscious thought. Be mindful of your thoughts and the attitudes of those around you. When you are mindful of the negative thoughts around you, you’ll be able to counteract them more quickly.